Cell Phone Number Lookup – How to Identify Any Wireless Caller Without Getting Ripped Off


People like things that are free.  I would like to be able to perform a cell phone number lookup for free.  I would also like it if my wife would drop those 25 pounds she put on since I married her.  But, I don’t think I’ll ever get my wish of either of those two things.In fact, it’s much more likely that my old lady will suddenly get inspired to get in shape than it will be that I will ever get free results of a reverse cell phone lookup.If you want to know why these searches aren’t free and how you can avoid sites that are just looking to take advantage of wishful thinking about reverse wireless searches, just finish reading this short article.Cell Phone Number Lookup – Don’t Get ScammedThe simple fact is that the identifying information behind wireless numbers is private information.  The major cellular carriers like Sprint and Verizon own this data.  They don’t provide directories to the public.  Instead, they lease this information to third party data brokers. These brokers, called reverse cell phone directories, make the information available to anyone – for a price.  A fee is charged because the brokers paid for the ability to offer it to the public. That’s all there is about it.Now, if you refuse to believe this, you can get online and get on any site you want that advertises “free” results.  But you won’t get them.  The most you will find out is where the number is serviced and what wireless carrier issued the number.Sites that operate like this typically charge higher fees than reliable and reputable directories.  They also typically maintain much smaller databases and their information is less than accurate and up to date.Personally, I will not work with any site that lied to me in order for me to visit their site.  But, that is a decision you will have to make.The only kind of cell phone number lookup I perform is with a site that enables me to confidentially search their database, does not charge a fee up front, and issues a 100% refund if I am not happy with the quality of the data in my report.  If you find a reverse cell phone directory that lives up to these standards, then , more than likely, you have found yourself a good resource to work with.Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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