Computer Game Addiction Tips

people are over doing computer games. You’ll likely know a person
whose had this. It is often a way to get away from our
responsibilities. It’s a form of socialising for many. Some get to be
a whole new person through gaming. However it can ruin peoples lives.

an eye out for any of these signs

sleeping well. You might game really late. Sleeping just gets in the
way of gaming time. Sleeping patterns can evolve so we don’t feel
like sleeping. The next morning it can be hard to get out of bed.
Your mind can be fatigued from lots of gaming. Feeling low in energy
can therefore be a common symptom.

keeps looping on the game. The only thing you worry about is how well
you are gaming. It could be whilst trying to do homework. It could be
they’re trying to relax. May even be making love. However they are
rehearsing Starcraft 2 approaches.

falls behind. You forget what’s important and only game. People speak
less to their family. They start skipping work or school. You may
even find doing the shopping hard.

gaming. The game takes up most of you life. People may bend the truth
on how much they play. Most of your time is given over to being on
the game

you tense. It could be they get really stressed when not on the
computer. You’re supposed to feel good gaming. When the time comes
you’re not getting the same kick have some time off.

likely scenario

was committed to Starcraft. It began just an hour at a time. But soon
work gave him time off. It wasn’t long before he was playing near ten
hours in a row. His bed time routine was destroyed. He became
obsessed with thinking about Starcraft 2. He didn’t bother with
friends anymore. Work just stopped happening all together. It was all
to be able to play games. Within six months everything had changed.
He rarely saw friends. Work had given him the sack also.

brings a lot of pleasure. Its huge business as well. However gaming
can be obsessive. We must be aware of the early warning signs. Know
when you’ve played enough. Then you’ll be sure you are playing