PSP Is Not Just for Teens

Handheld gaming consoles are
no longer for the 14 & under demographic. Sony has revolutionized that way
that we think of video game consoles with the introduction of PSP 3000, the
latest release of one the most popular handheld gaming consoles on the market




When you think of handheld
gaming consoles the image that may immediately come to mind is one of a
teenager, who although should be doing his home, has his eyes glued to the
screen yelling at his player who is losing the race. Surely this would steer
you away from purchasing this device, especially if you hope to hang on to your
adult persona, however, Sony’s newest release of the PSP has won over even some
of the most uptight adults.


The newest release, PSP 3000,
boasts a sleek, black and chrome appearance that almost resembles a miniature
DVD player rather than a high-tech, all-in-one gaming console. PSP 3000 is a
savvy combination of technology that meets high-tech design. Gone are the
flashy colored buttons and lines that reek of “childhood,” and in its
place are a new set of black on black buttons which might even confuse even the
most avid gamer.


Bigger is always better, and
when it comes to the Sony PSP 3000, expect no less. PSP 3000’s screen is now
capable of displaying 16 million colors at a 480X272 pixel resolution. On a
screen that weighs in at 16:9 wide, that’s quite an accomplishment, especially
if you desire a high resolution device that is compact in size.





So why are so many adults
purchasing a PSP 3000 for themselves as well as the kids? Simply put, PSP 3000
is more than a gaming console. With the ability to stream video, access the
Internet, playback music and videos, and store images, amongst a host of other
features, PSP 3000 shows adults that it is a force to be reckoned with.


As more and more individuals
are catching on to the increased functionality, it’s no wonder that it is
becoming the popular choice for gaming and entertainment needs.


Don’t rule the PSP 3000 out
just yet because your neighbor’s son has the same exact one. Instead, consider
Sony’s PSP 3000 as the ultimate connectivity device which boasts features that
you would need 2 or 3 other electronic devices to accomplish. If you want a
gaming console that you can sit through your long commute on the train with
while enjoying a game of Tiger Woods PGA Tour, or the latest newsArticle Search, PSP 3000 is
the choice for you.