The Google Phone is Here: Nexus One Features

Looking at some of the Nexus One features, you might have to seriously consider it as a contender, especially when you factor in that it will not be tethered to only one particular carrier.

If you are looking for a smart phone, you have to consider your options for carriers. In some areas of the country, there are still some carriers that have either missed the boat completely or provide only spotty, at best, coverage.

If you are stuck with only one or two carrier options, then that might limit your smart phone choices. If you have more freedom to choose, then you might find yourself having to decide which is the best choice based on other factors.

Some people base their smart phone choice on truly smart options such as the operating system rather than on which games it plays. The Nexus One features the android operating system, which is one of the best available these days. You get faster processing speeds and better performance as well as the potential for never ending apps once they are developed for the system. Right now there are more than 20,000 apps, which is substantial when you consider that you are running those from the palm of your hand.

Like other smart phones on the market, the Nexus One has a relatively standard memory, but this one can be expanded quite substantially. It has one of the highest battery life lengths of all of the current smart phones and its built in camera has more mega pixels than comparable models as well as video recording capabilities. Built in WiFi enables the Nexus One to browse the web wherever you are, and because it is a Google phone, it has a number of Google related apps that are very useful. The built in, turn by turn GPS works with Google maps and is a free app with the Nexus One. Other smart phones must buy into another GPS service to give the same benefits.

The Nexus One features a larger screen than other smart phones, which have battled back and forth among two particular brands over features such as apps and connectivity, but have forgotten that people actually have to be able to see what is on those screens for them to be of any use. This one is truly a smart, smart phone, allowing users to multitask, switching easily from app to app without having to stop what you are doing each time. For instance, you can take a phone call while you are searching the web without losing any of your information or vice versa.

Truly creating a buzz in the industryArticle Submission, the Nexus One features are surely something to talk about.