How to Protect Computers from Viruses?

It is a common situation that there is suddenly an error message appearing when you open your computer one day. It is so difficult to know whether is caused by some programs or it is a virus. As a result, there is nothing to do but to have the computer fixed by a computer professional person with great expense. It is really annoying and money wasting. I also came into this kind of problems before. I did nothing but download a free program from a website. I know it must be the problem of that website which may be infected by viruses or be hacked, thus my computer was infected. How to protect computer from being infected caught my attention. It is so important in these days since many things done with a computer.

Most computer users get acknowledged that what serious results can be caused by viruses. If it is not so serious, there may be an error message or a certain program can’t run normally. If it is serious, your computer may be crashed and it even can’t boot up. 

In order to protect your computer from problems, the following directions can be helpful.

1. Use an antivirus program to protect your computer all that time.
2. Keep computer firewall turning on all the time.
3. Upgrading all the programs on your computer in time to enhance your computer overall performance.
4. Set the computer browser security settings to a high level.
5. Don’t visit any website when the computer security program tells an unsafe report.
6. It is best to use real-time monitoring antivirus software to protect your computer.
7. Don’t download any unknown software, especially free software.
8. It’s best to do online shopping with a unique credit card and clean the credit card numbers and passwords immediately after the purchase.
9. Don’t open any unknown attachment in your email box.

Do upgrade your antivirus software in time so that your computer can be protected effectively.

It is not time wasting when you do all the computer programs updating. It is worthwhile to do that. If you want to save some time, you can find a trust-worthy program to help you update all the programs. That’s really time and energy saving because you don’t have to spend much time in finding the latest version for all the programs.

In addition to protect your computer from being infected by viruses, you need to do another thing to keep your computer running in good performance all the time. Some junk files can be accumulated when you do things on your computer. Sometimes, it is some temporal files. Sometimes, it is some redundant files that are not removed after the uninstallation of some programs. If you neglect these things, the computer is bound to run more and more slowly.

I have experienced the above things so I don’t want others to be annoyed by these things. A registry cleaner can be helpful when you clean the junk things from your computer. However, you’d better choose a reliable one after some investigations.

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