Smartphones: Get protected!

We can hardly ever see mobile computing as minor to the other computer technologies, as the time goes by. Cheaper data charges and much less expensive technologies in mobile computing, smartphones and mobile devices in general are becoming more like a small -but powerful- personal computer.

Furthermore, the numerous applications available allowing anyone to perform banking transactions, shopping via online shops, booking flights or just surfing the web, have conducted mobile devices as indispensable in the daily routine.

But of course, this ongoing appraise of smartphone devices has eventually opened doors for new hacking techniques, with hackers taking advantage of the relatively new area of mobile technology.

Most of us are not aware of the risks that smartphones may hide and are not sure of how to be properly protected. There are although some useful tips all users should follow in order to get protected from most of the online threats may be found while surfing the internet:

Always keep updated your operating system installed in your smartphone not only to get the latest offerings, but also to be adequately protected.

There should be installed a security application in your smartphone in order to be protected from malicious users.

You should always be aware of scams and phising attacks which may steal credit card numbers, credentials and moreover crucial information from your device. Check always the hyperlink before you click on it and of course make sure that the landing page is not a phising page.

Never do any kind of transactions by using a public network because there are slight chances of security.

Use and install applications only from trusted sources and not from independent or unmonitored channels, in order to avoid malicious content. 

Always check the applications you install in your smartphone what data access policy they follow. Some of them may access your personal information which you might not want to happen.

Unfortunately there is no one who can guarantee total security for your smartphone and your mobile devices in general. NeverthelessArticle Search, there are some easy tips that will enhance your security from most of the attacks.