4 Attributes of Quality Computer Desks


The history of desks is long and varied. Desks have been used as both functional pieces of furniture by the working class and monks and decorative pieces used by royalty themselves and their clerks. As desks have evolved, they have done so both to increase function and to be pleasing to the eye. But the most recent and newest style of desk, for which there was no use 30 years ago, is the computer desk. Using a desk for a computer instead of clerical purposes has called for a lot of design modifications. Let’s face it, we do not need a lot of small cubby holes and paper slots anymore. But to have a truly functional computer desk, there are some attributes that should be present to get the best use out of it possible. Let’s take a look at some of these key features.One of the most helpful features on a computer desk is a sliding keyboard shelf. These are hooked on under the main desk surface and slide out when in use. A couple of really nice things about a keyboard shelf are that they allow the surface to be clear of the keyboard, it is safely kept tucked away until needed, freeing up work space. A second benefit is that it allows the keyboard to be in a more ergonomically friendly position. Having your arms and hands a few inches lower than the top of the desk is more natural and comfortable.An out of the way place for the main CPU. Unless your are fortunate enough to have an all in one computer and monitor or a laptop, you probably have a separate CPU. It is really nice if you have somewhere else to place it than on top of your desk. The floor works, but it is nice to keep an expensive unit off the floor. Most good computer desks have a lower shelf or other area that is specially designed to hold the computer, sometimes with room for a printer as well.Have enough work surface for both the computer and regular long hand work. Let’s face it, though you may do most of your work on the computer, you also sometimes need a regular work surface for other things. Many desks have been designed in different ways to address this problem. Some solutions include a larger executive style desk that has room for your monitor to be set back with work room in front, others have a small shelf set up a bit from the main work surface for the monitor. This is often seen on computer carts that have a small foot print and corner desks. Another solution to this dilemma has been the design of “L” shaped desks. This style offers two work areas, one for the computer and a second, perpendicular surface for other work.The desk should offer some form of storage capacity for discs, peripherals, computer programs, manuals and books, etc. Let’s face it, even with computers, there is still the need for things that need to be kept near by. Different desks solve this problem in different ways. Some have¬† drawers and cabinets, others have hutches that rests on top of the desk (sometimes offered separately), and others have specialty racks built in that will hold items like discs. You know what type of extra items you use, so make sure the desk you purchase will provide adequate storage.Though there may be other attributes and features that you desire in a computer desk, these four attributes are key features that have been identified and can be found on quality computer desks.Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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