BlackBerry, iPhone or Android: Which Wholesale Cell Phones to Choose?

When we think of buying wholesale
cell phones, we think of what is best for our business.  It is not enough knowing that the latest type
of cell phones released are Android phones thus we will immediately resort to
buying that type of phone alone.  We need
to look also at the market share by doing a short survey or study on what the
market want these days.

We all know that Android phones
are the hottest cell phones in the market today.  Wherever you look, chances are you would see
someone holding an android phone.  It is
a phenomenon but this wide use of android phones could be location specific or
if you have an online store and covers a wide area in your city, you would
probably have more customers looking for this type of cell phone.  Having an android phone is like having your
computer transferred to your cell phone and for this very reason people have
switched to this type of cell phone.

The other side of the market goes
to iPhone.  Some customers are brand
specific and the first or the original is usually the leader in the market and
some people like that idea thus they stick to the first in the line-up of
“intelligent phones”.  iPhone has made a
remarkable name in the cellular world and in this industry of never-ending
battle of intelligent phones, the leader is most liked by customers.  The features of iPhone are some of the best
that is offered in the market therefore creating a big lead among intelligent
phone enthusiasts. 

Blackberry also has its market
share and being able to acquire a unique feature makes its presence continuous
in the cellular world.  Having push email
as an inherent feature of the phone has created a lot of waves especially those
in the corporate world and also for those who are glued to their emails.  It came to a point before when laptops were
very indispensable to some people because of email but when the birth of
Blackberry came about, things have changed in the way we carry things with

It can be a difficult decision on
which wholesale cell phones would be better. 
When it comes to making decisions on purchases, we always need to look
on the customers’ side.  Try putting yourself
into the shoes of the buyer and from there, you will know what phone to sell.  If you see an equal market share for the
three major cell phones being sold in the market these days, then try making a
deal with your wholesaler on this.  Buy wholesale
for those three major types.  If there is
a hierarchy in terms of numbers, then come up with a plan in buying wholesale with
the most searched cell phone in the internet or in stores then purchase only a
few number of cell phones that you need for the other types.