Fix Xbox 360 Lock Ups Yourself

Xbox 360 gamers from around the world share one common problem, Xbox 360 lock ups. They freeze and simply won’t work. The only thing that will work when this happens is the off/on switch. You’re probably reading this article because your Xbox 360 has locked up on you, and you’re desperate to know what to do about it. There are ways to repair this problem yourself. In some cases your Xbox 360 system can be repaired by you in less than one hour. Perhaps the following information will be of some help.

The primary cause of Xbox 360 lockups is overheating. The Xbox 360 system has a lot of powerful electronics crammed into a small package. With inadequate cooling systems, such as fans, blowers, heat sinks, and vents, overheating is inevitable. The longer you play games, in one session, the better chance of overheating the system. When the system overheats to a critical point, the system freezes up. The question here is how can you, the Xbox 360 system owner, fix the problem?

If your system is still under warranty, the easy, but time consuming way, is to send the system back to Microsoft. This is also the easiest way to repair lock up problem if your warranty has expired, except it now becomes the most expensive as well. With no warranty protecting you, expect to pay around $150 for repairs and shipping costs, and be prepared to wait as long as two months for your system to be returned.

The cheapest way to fix an Xbox 360 lock up would be to do it yourself, if only you knew how. Well, the truth is, you can learn how by using an Xbox 360 repair guide that can be downloaded from the Internet. These guides, which have been proven to be a good value, cost around $30. These guides will provide you with videos showing step-by-step procedures for making the necessary repairs. All you’ll need is about an hour of free time, some basic hand tools, a workbench, and of course the repair guide videos.

Once you’ve successfully repaired your own Xbox 360 lock upsFree Articles, you’ll be able to maintain your Xbox 360 without spending hundreds of dollars. The only danger is that your friends may recognize your expertise and line up at your door to have the “neighborhood expert” repair their broken Xbox 360 systems.