Go for the cheapest graphics cards for gaming with a list of cheap graphics cards

From the very beginning when the habit of gaming gets inculcated into a person with the video games received on the birthdays, there’s no looking back for a gamer. The rush that gaming provides you with is an unforgettable experience that draws you into the gaming addiction, slowly but surely

But when the addiction is so gratifying who can blame you really? However, to make sure it doesn’t go out of hand we are here to break all myths with regards to the cheapest graphics cards for gaming so that this fun pastime doesn’t lead to a disastrous bank balance.

First of all, as an amateur gamer, you might be wondering what’s so important about a graphics card? All the hardware obsessed professional gamers understand the importance of squeezing in the most amount of frames per second when it comes to your gaming rig. Let us put it in simpler terms: Anything that you see on your computer screen is composed out of pixels. Just like an artist might have a thousand ideas to choose from but has to zero in on a few to create his masterpiece, similarly, the software of your computer would also need something akin to a translator to transform the binary data fed by the CPU into the images that can be concretely perceived by you.

Since rarely does a computer have the graphics capability ingrained into its motherboard, as a gamer you would need to invest in a high quality graphic card to make your gaming experience realistic and authentic. However, the quality that you desire doesn’t have to be governed by the price tag so that you can always go for the cheapest graphics cards for gaming without feeling frazzled.

The graphics card usually receives the binary data and then changes it into a wire mesh like structure so that the image can be rasterized by adding a bit of texture and color. If playing the fast paced games is your forte, your graphics card would have to work sixty times the normal speed and in the instances when it fails to do so, your gaming might lag or even hang. However, being flustered with the slow gaming would only lead to impulsive and extravagant choices. When you go for a graphics card, it’s all in the name. Pay heed to the model number, which might give you an idea about its memory bandwidth, clock rates and even the combination of the Graphics Processor Unit, which in urban slang might have come filtered to you as the abbreviation GPU. You needn’t necessarily cut a hole in your pocket with the high RAM graphics card which would eventually give a lukewarm performance in comparison to the cheapest graphics card for gaming. It’s a no brainer that the high tier graphics card should be your first choice. But if you have to spend more than $325 on it, you might want to take a step back to realize your needs. If you don’t game at once on three computers with each of them set at a high resolution, buying a graphics card from the average list of cheap graphics card is probably your safest bet. GeForce GTX 970 4GB SSC, GeForce GTX 960 4GB and GeForce GTX 960 2GB all focus on the importance of performance rather than impressive yet ultimately redundant memory while going easy on the pocket. HenceComputer Technology Articles, it comes as no surprise that all lists of cheap graphics card feature these at the top.