Understanding the Latest Advances in Ski Technology

Before leave for your catered ski chalets, have a look at the new technology for skis and clothes so you’ll be ski slope ready!

When you’ve booked a holiday in one of the great catered ski chalets in the Three Valleys region, you want to know that you will have the very best experience – and this includes the actual skiing. You may think that the sport hasn’t changed, but that is simply not the case. Not only are experts always looking for ways to develop enhance ski clothes, lifts and the capabilities of snow machines, they are also working hard to improve equipment like boards, skis, and poles.

All of the advancements might not be immediately visible, but the best technology makes a difference when you leave the comfort of your catered ski chalets to hit the pistes.

Skis and boards

The big names in ski equipment are working hard behind the scenes to enhance every aspect of their products each and every season. If you’re a seasoned skier you will likely have a set of skis of your own so you can waste no time getting out on the pistes around those catered ski chalets. But this year might be the time to upgrade, as the advances are far and wide. New arcing skis from Atomic for women give a nice even flex, while another version takes advantage of a more boat-like shape to really help you get into the deep snow off piste skiing. The 360-degree anti-vibration control from the new range of Völkl skis promises to give you more edge grip and better absorption in the heel for those quick bounces and hits.

When you’re looking into snowboarding technology, it’s wise to understand how to choose your board. Depending on your personal style, height, and more, a board can be long, shorter, rounded and have different levels of hardness for your preference. You can get new spring-loaded boards that alternate camber and rocker between rocker noses and tails, for more powerful turns and a crisp snap. The more curved technologies give the rider a looser feel and are quite forgiving.


When it comes to packing for a ski adventure in one of the catered ski chalets, good knowledge is vital. For jackets the aspects to look for are warmth, breathability and waterproofing and, today, there is a host of technology that has been developed to keep you both warm and dry. When it comes to ski clothing, price is usually an indicator of how waterproof/breathable it will be. Technologies like Gore-Tex and Polartec are a good place to start, as the technology is used across different brands; higher breathability and total waterproofing is achievable, at a price. Before you even put your jacket on, however, you need to consider what’s going underneath – and the buzzword is layers. Breathability and moisture wicking are important attributes for under layers and a mix of synthetic and natural fibres like wool are making headway in this field.


There are lots of factors to consider when choosing the best ski goggles: weight, size, padding and hinges are all very important. Recently, Nike has joined forces with Transitions, to develop a set of ski goggles that give you glare and sun protection when you need itHealth Fitness Articles, and you can keep them on as they clear up in the shade.