The Future of Cell Phone Technology


With people becoming more about multi tasking and being mobile, the future of cell phone technology has become more in the limelight. With the addition of mobile web, some people could not believe you could actually surf the web with a cell phone. Then came the camera phone, where people could actually take high quality photos on their phone and send it to others through cyberspace. Now, cell phones can be used to send pictures, videos, email and even update social media sites. What will be next?Email has been the next big thing with cell phones. Soon, we will be able to not only check and send email on the mobile device, but do it just like on a computer as well. People are no longer trapped to their computer by wires; they can do just as much work from the comfort of home, or anywhere for that matter, by simply using their cell phone.Video conferencing will also be the next big thing. This is going to enable people to be able to work from almost anywhere in the world and never miss a meeting. A vacation in Hawaii and there is an emergency meeting? No problem, just video conference the office from the beach.The future of cell phone technology is going to allow people to be more active with life, while maintaining productivity. Between email and video conferencing, cell phone technology has come a long way. People are now able to enjoy life without taking any time off work. This allows them to even go on a family vacation without taking any time off work. This makes workplaces more efficient, allowing employees to relax when it is needed most.
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