Is Your Gaming App Better Than A Console Game?

gaming industry is undoubtedly in a transitional phase at the moment. With many
independent developers switching over to designing mobile gaming apps instead
of games played on traditional consoles, such as PlayStation, Nintendo, or
X-Box, it is no wonder that many in the industry are either losing their
footing, or trying to find the place they had once solidified amongst gamers. As traditional console games aim at holding onto as
many gamers as possible, you will likely have to fight for your piece of the
gaming action. In the end, you will have to give more to your users through a
minimalist gaming app than a conventional console game provides even with its
abundance of hardware. If you can accomplish that, then your app will
undoubtedly be better than a console game.


Creating More With


art of competing with console games is a large undertaking. It essentially
means that you are signing on to create a user experience with limited capabilities
and hardware, which a gaming console simply has more of. More specifically,
this means that you will have to entice users with other elements besides
expensive graphics and additional elements that traditional console games have
the luxury of producing. In other words, if your app can appeal to users while
making just as big, if not more of an impression as a console game would, then
it will practically be guaranteed success in the mobile app market.


Dressing Your App To


there are less hardware, graphics, and other capabilities compared to a console
game, you will need every advantage you can find when creating your mobile app.
One of the best advantages you can create for your app is making it look
impressive to prospective users. This means giving it a sharp looking icon and
info page for users to look at when they are considering adding it to their
mobile device. While you certainly should not falsify any of your app’s
features, you should definitely display them in the most appealing and positive
light possible. Users then will be enticed to see how impressive the gameplay
of your app really is, and perhaps even compare it to other mobile apps and
console games that they love to play.


Separating Your App


are, although you want users to consider your app as sophisticated as a console
game, you also want them to look at it in a separate category. After all, a
console game is much different than a mobile app, and in all honesty appears to
be on the way out opposed to mobile apps, which are on a smaller scale, but
give users the ability to enjoy gaming without a large console or disc to carry
around with them. Instead, all they need is an Internet connection and their
mobile device. So, as you create and subsequently market your app to the gaming
community, be sure not to compare it too much to console games, as, in many
ways, they are two completely separate types of games.




is not farfetched to think your mobile gaming app is better than a console
game. After all, there are many examples of mobile apps that people download
and use more frequently than console games. For such reason, you should
undoubtedly aim to appeal your app to console game users, but at the same time,
separate it in terms of future gaming potential.