How to Retire Your Computer

As technology improves with every passing day, we find ourselves looking to retire our old equipment in order to replace it with the latest and greatest.  This is certainly the case when it comes to computers.  So if you’re in the same position, we’ll explain how to go about it while safeguarding the important data you stored using your records management program.   

If you’re considering selling your computer, you need to get rid of all the personal information stored in the hard drive.  Keep in mind that although you’ve erased all the files you stored with records management software, a pro may be able to access the information and use it for his or her benefit.  As you’re probably aware, identity theft is in the rise, a reason why most households and businesses have paper shredders.  Well, the same importance should be given to disposing of the files that you organized with your records management system.     

You should delete items like e-mail addresses, Internet files, e-mail messages, files you moved into the trash bin, and anything that displays bank accounts or other personal details.  If you organized these using a records management strategy, you’ll locate them easily. 

There are several ways by which you can delete information.  One option is to do it yourself, using a disc cleaning program.  You can find a free one online on any records management site. 

If your computer is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer.  Talk to someone in the technical support department to inquire how to go about erasing the files. 

And last, you may want to take your hard drive to a professional who can overwrite the files.  Make sure it’s someone reputable and who’s been around for some time.  Don’t just choose a company based on advertising; and if at all possible, find out if other people who’ve used their services were satisfied. 

If the computer is still in good working order, think about donating it.  There are plenty of schools in underprivileged neighborhoods that can benefit from your old laptop or desktop.  You should also look for people starting a small business and who will buy used equipment.  Chances are they’re looking to open with a small budget but they need to implement a records management system right away.  

If your computer doesn’t workFree Reprint Articles, consider recycling it.  A professional recycler will help you do it responsibly.