Metal stampings for home electronics – Gemco

Metal stampings for home electronics – Gemco

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When you need cost effective, well designed, reliable metal parts for your home electronics equipment then call us. Quality fourslide and progressive die metal stampings are what you will find at GEMCO.

Fourslide Stamping
GEMCO’s comprehensive fourslide stamping (four slide stamping) and multi-slide metal stamping capabilities allow us to fulfill your sourcing needs for parts made from either flat strip stock or wire. Our equipment can handle strip stock material from as thin as .002” up to .093” thick. Round, square or shaped wire capabilities range between .010” dia. through .187”. Fourslide is cost effective for contacts, leads, and we even will add wires to your stamping as a secondary operation.

Progressive Die Stamping
When progressive die stamping is right for your parts, GEMCO has the power press capabilities to form strip material from .002″ to .125″ thick, and up to 10″ wide. To ensure the highest quality and performance of your part, progressive die tools are entirely designed, produced, and debugged in-house by GEMCO’s qualified team. To ensure tight tolerance precision metal parts and accurate repeatability, tools are produced utilizing up-to-date software for CAD design, wire EDM, and CNC milling. Additionally, real-time vision monitoring systems can be built into the tools to insure maintenance of PPM levels and the quality standards you require.

Contact Gemco for all of your automotive metal stampings applications (888) 766-5166.

We also make quality fourslide and progressive die stampings for :
Aerospace and Aviation Industries

• Automotive Industry

• Commercial Hardware

• Control Panel Housing

• Dental Industry

• Electronics Industry

• Lighting Industry

• Medical Industry

• Military and Defense Industries

• Telecommunications Industry

• and many more…