How to Make Money With Phone Accessories

How to Make Money With Phone Accessories

Did you know that by 2026 the phone accessory market is projected to be worth $284 billion dollars? And it’s not just phone cases that are raking in all the profits. With VR headsets, Popsockets and underwater headphones, phone accessories are reaching new heights of creative inventions. So, how can your next out of the box idea be the next selfie stick? In this week’s New Money episode we speak with the inventor of Popsocket and find out how creating new toys for your phone can make you some serious cash.

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0:07 – How much the global phone market is worth
0:15 – The history of mobile phones
0:31 – The different type of phone accessories
1:12 – The rise of phone accessories
1:26 – Natalie Rebot, creator of Moonlight, talks business
1:56 – Innovation of convenience explained
2:13 – The most successful phone accessories
2:32 – The rise and rise of popsockets
03:18 – The $35 million popsocket empire
3:28 – How big is the phone accessories industry?


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