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In medical terminology, memory refers to an organism’s ability to store in brain, information and recall those information later. The processing of information in our brain goes through three primary stages: encoding or registering of information, storage or permanent retaining of information and retrieval or recollection of information at the availability of some cue. Memory can be of three types: sensory, short term and long term. Short term memory consists of the initial 200-500 milliseconds after an item is perceived or observed. The ability to see an object for a second and retain in brain after a second’s observation is an instance of sensory memory. Short-term memory stands for the ability to recall information several seconds to a minute after observation. Short term memory is also limited and is based on both acoustic code and visual code. Long term memory consists in the ability to retain information within unlimited duration after observation. It, unlike sensory and short term memory, has unlimited capacity. Long term memory may be further classified in to declarative or explicit and procedural or implicit memory. Declarative or explicit memory involves conscious recalling of information and procedural or implicit memory is a cerebellum exercise. It is based on motor skills and involves no conscious effort to recall. Tasks done in a repetitive manner are an example of procedural or implicit memory. There are other classifications called topographic, retrospective and prospective. Topographic deals with the way a person orients oneself in space. It is actually a person’s ability to recognize familiar places. Retrospective is the memory dealing with the content that is situated in the past. Prospective memory is the memory dealing with the content that is situated in future. Parts of the brain like hippocampus, amygdale, striatum, and mammillary bodies control our memory. Loss of memory is known as amnesia.Causes1. Genetics2. Aging3. Long term stress or depression4. Emotional shock5. Traumatic brain injury6. Sleeplessness7. Certain neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, hyperthymesia, korsakoff’s syndrome.8. HypothyroidismHerbal Remedies1. Gingko leaves improve blood circulation in brain and thereby memory also.2. Club moss enhances memory and minimizes symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.3. Black pepper improves mental alertness.4. Basil or peppermint essential oil improves the condition.5. Ginseng gives a boost to sunken mood and improves memory.6. Horsebalm is very good for enhancing brain power.7. Rosemary improves concentration.8. Dandelion leaves extracts check the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.9. Periwinkle is a remedy for memory loss due to aging.10. Ginger root, a strong antioxidant improves blood circulation and memory.11. Red clover too has memory enhancing agents.

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