Cell Phone Lookup – How to Get a Name and Address For Any Cell Phone Caller Fast and Easy


Have you ever wondered just who has been calling in you from unknown cell phone numbers?  This kind of problem is much more common than you may think, and everyday thousands of people are purchasing a cell phone lookup report.They run these reports to get to the bottom of prank phone calls, deal with telemarketers and bill collectors, reunite with old friends and co-workers, keep track on whom a spouse has been speaking with, find out whom kids are speaking with, and just trying to figure out the owners of cell phone numbers that show up on a phone bill or cell phone cell. And so these searches have to be done somewhere.  The only question becomes where to perform this type of reverse phone search..  Learning how to perform a cell phone lookup involves understanding how the whole process works.  Once you realize where the information comes from and how it is compiled, you can then make a better as to which directory to work with.The information provided in each cell phone lookup report is obtained directly from the major wireless carrier that owns the telephone number that was searched.  So, if the number you are searching is serviced by Verizon, the directory will have to access the part of their database that compiles information from that company.At this point, it’s important to understand that none of the major wireless carriers provide a directory to the public for the mobile numbers they own.  Instead, they lease the information behind all of the wireless numbers to the reverse cell phone directories that makes results available to the public.Because the directories have to pay the major wireless carriers for the most recent information behind the wireless numbers, they have to pass on to the public a small fee for the ability to gain access to this information themselves.Fortunately, the cost involved for a single search is well within almost anyone’s budget. In return for that small fee, you can find out the owner’s name, address, previous addresses, name of mobile phone carrier, other phone numbers that belong to the owner, and much more.The next time you need to perform a cell phone lookup, do so with a directory that offers any purchaser the ability to get a 100% refund if they believe the data contained in any report was not entirely accurate and up to date.Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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