How To Identify and Trace a Cell Phone Call


If you are looking for a good and reliable way to trace a cell phone call, you may find more than a fair share of information that will lead you down the wrong road.  The problem starts with the hope of finding this information for free.  And, from this, all sorts of fraudulent sites that will try to capitalize on the mistaken belief that it’s possible to get a name and number in connection with the owner of a wireless number without a fee being involved.And the reason you can’t find the personal information connected to wireless numbers without a fee being involved is because of how cell phone numbers are classified.  The personal information behind wireless numbers is still considered private information in the United States.  For this reason, you will not find this information by consulting the White Page phone directory or any other sort of free people search directory found on the Internet.But this fact does not stop many websites on the Internet from offering free information in connection with reverse cell phone lookups.  But, because this information is private, the only way any phone directory on the Internet can provide the data in response to an inquiry on its website is by first purchasing it from the owners of this information.  And these owners are companies like Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T.So, if a website were to offer this information for free, it would be losing money on every report it issued.  And this explains why every single website that offers free information in connection with reverse mobile phone lookups will inevitably charge a fee for a detailed report.  And this report will often reveal much less accurate and recent information – at a much higher cost,  than that of trusted and reliable reverse cell phone directory.So, when  looking to locate and identify a cell phone caller, your answers will be waiting for you at the site of one the Internet’s trusted and reliable reverse cell phone directories.  So, if you have never done this kind of search of a cell phone number before, there are just few key points to remember in order to find the BEST resource to get all of the answer you are looking for.I would look for a directory that, first of all, runs a secure site.  If you are serious about getting results, it’s going to cost a few dollars.  So, you need to make sure the site is able to protect your personal information against identity theft.  You can put your mind at ease if the payment page of the website displays the VeriSign and MacAfee verifications.Secondly, I would look for a directory that also makes it extremely easy to get all of your money back should you not be entirely satisfied with the amount and quality of the information furnished in any report.  This is an absolute must, in my view  With so much junk sold over the Internet, this is the best way to protect yourself as a consumer.Once you purchase your first report, you will be able to tell right away whether the information is accurate and up to date.  If you like what you see, I would suggest never buying a single report again.  It is a much better value to upgrade to the yearly membership.  This option allows unlimited searches for an entire year.Source: Free Articles from

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