10 Smart Home Gadgets to Pair with Amazon Alexa

10 Smart Home Gadgets to Pair with Amazon Alexa

10 Smart Home Gadgets to Pair with Amazon Alexa
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Want to enhance your smart home experience with Amazon Alexa? We’ve heard you! With the Amazon Echo taking over as the new smart home assistant, it’s undoubtedly important to look for some of the best smart home gadgets that are compatible with this new smart hub from Amazon. Here are some of our favorites:

0:10 Smart Plug Mini : https://goo.gl/kg5ihM
1:15 Nest Thermostat E : https://goo.gl/A7bQNz
2:45 Ring Video Doorbell 2 : https://goo.gl/i7arUv
3:45 Nest Cam IQ : https://goo.gl/RNn6Xd
4:54 Philips Hue : https://goo.gl/BGzJvc
5:40 Ring Floodlight : https://goo.gl/NQ1yYX
7:15 Wemo Mini Smart Plug : https://goo.gl/R7fzVL
8:04 Expand Lens : https://goo.gl/srqdVn
8:42 Swivl C Series Robot : https://goo.gl/nahf5g
9:25 Fire TV Edition : https://goo.gl/jor8Lm
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  1. jcfreeman31 on December 30, 2018 at 11:26 am

    The Ring door bell sucks

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