3D animation the latest tech-craze!

Korea’s Samsung Electronics have decided to team up with James
Cameron the director of the revolutionary 3D flick “Avatar” to
make its content compatible with its 3D televisions.
Technology has made every thing easy for us. Today we can watch and
feel life-like pictures sitting at our homes. We all remember how the
recent blockbuster, “Avatar” by James Cameron drove us crazy. We
love excitement and it is the use of 3D animation in movies that adds
that extra zing to the concept of watching films. To put in simple
words, 3D animation is the art of creating moving images with the use
of computers. Initially there was no such concept. Movies used to be
boring and animation used to be done using the concept of 2D or two
dimensional pictures. As technology evolved this concept came into
being. The use of this technology makes movie watching a pleasurable
experience. It makes the movies more appealing and interesting to the
audience. It was in 1976 with the movie called “Future World”
that 3D technology was used first. The term was first coined by,
William Fetter, an employee at Boeing Co. It was with the release of
“Toy Story” in 1996 that the concept of 3D was taken onto another

is fascinating to see a 3D flick but the hard work is in creating it.
Professionals dedicate months and years to create one movie. An
interesting fact is that for us to perceive a complete animated film
the pictures should be played at a minimum of 12 frames per second.
However, it should not be faster than 70 frames per second because
the human brain cannot perceive it.

a computer 3D animation is not an easy task. It requires enormous
expertise and technical support. For creating specialized computer
animated graphics it is advisable that you contact professionals. Not
only expertise in this domain but also proper technology is required.
In creating 3D animation the animator is initially required to create
a skeletal framework of the character, this is known as avars or
animated variables.

can try to create 3Danimations
from your home PC but it will take ages for you to attain perfection.
To create a skilled and perfect computer 3D animation one requires
highly powered technologically advanced expensive work stations.
Operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux are the
most commonly used. Other equipments like motion capture, movie
capture, performance capturePsychology Articles, blue screen etc are also used for
attaining perfection.