Cell Phone Technologies – The Ideal Way Of Today`s Life


Cell phones, more popularly known as the smart phones in the present
arena, are undoubtedly one of the best examples of technology that we
can boast of, in the last 90 years. A classic product emerged from a
human brain and took the shape of cell phones in the early 1900s. Since
then there has been no looking back. With each passing day, latest
techniques kept on adding to this cellular electronic device, making it
the handiest, powerful and useful product today.
The technology started with the simple sending and receiving radio
signals through innumerable cellular base stations that are fitted with
microwave antennas. However, this means of wireless communication added
many new technologies to its system and provided several new services
and applications to the users.
Together with the basic voice function, today, we have text messaging
services, e-mails, internet services, Bluetooth, infrared, camera and
video recording facilities along with sending photos and videos through
MMS, downloading ringtones and also picture and videos just to name a
There are several latest technologies in use for the cell phones that
that have been devised to make our lives much faster, simpler and
The GSM or Global System for Mobile Communication and CDMA or Code
Division Multiple Access differ only in the way the two share space in
the radio spectrum. While the former is more popular in Europe and
Asia, the latter is used majorly in the United States. However, both
work on the ability to provide high-speed internet access to these
hi-tech devices.
With the application of all such technologies, the cell phones have
become an asset in the educational field too. It can be used for
learning activities both inside and outside the classrooms. Cell phones
act as an excellent resource-collecting device for students.
The camera and video recording facilities can be used to full extent
for capturing all-important data that can be used for documentation in
the later stage. The data can also be sent instantly with the use of
internet services available over phone to the teacher concerned if
required. It can help students in assignments like test message home
assignments and oral quizzes.
The cell phones can enable the students to hear educational radio
broadcasts and to create instant podcast of their gathered information.
Students can call up toll free numbers from their cell phones and get
their doubts cleared within minutes. More importantly, they are an
assistive technology for students with visual and hearing impairments
with their audio and video facilities respectively. Students can also
use their cell phones to organize their resources through innovative
guides such as Google calendar.
Apart from this, the cell phone technology has also become a powerful
tool of investigation in the hands of the investigation bureaus. The
call data records maintained by the cell phone companies help the
investigators in collecting leads and evidences. The cell phone
technologies can also help the police to reconstruct the location of
the cell phone user instantly. The standard radio tracking technology
and the latest triangulation technique comes the handiest in such cases
where the department needs to know the whereabouts of the suspect.
With the advent of such latest technologies in the cellular phone
regime, it is not surprising that many a nation like Europe has more
number of cell phones than people. This proves the effectiveness of
this small pocket sized magical instrument.
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