Learn How to Fix Xbox 360 Systems Quickly and Cheaply

You’re probably reading this article because your Xbox 360 console isn’t working, and you’re trying to figure out how to fix Xbox 360s without breaking the bank. I’ve been there. My system worked fine for over two years, and then one day it stopped-stone cold dead. I know that I’m not the first of the last person that this will happen to, but I was still annoyed and frustrated.

I couldn’t have Microsoft fix my Xbox 360. My warranty had expired, and I couldn’t afford to pay $140 plus shipping to get Microsoft to repair it, nor did I want to wait the expected two months to get it back. You don’t realize just how attached you can get to your Xbox 360 until it’s not there when you want it.

I thought I might be able to benefit from someone else’s experience. I went online and conducted a Google search for how to fix an Xbox 360. You’d be amazed at the really silly things people have done to their Xboxes to try to fix them. One idea was to wrap the console in bath towels; another was to operate it with the console placed in a tub of ice to cool it. Needless to say I didn’t buy into either one to fix my Xbox 360.

Some other ideas didn’t sound so farfetched, however. I tried one method that recommended trying different locations for the power adapter to allow for better circulation. It seemed to make sense, but it didn’t improve the Xbox’s operation. I kept looking until I stumbled across a website for the James Dean Red Light Fix Pro. This turned out to be the answer to my prayers. The perfect answer for how to fix an Xbox 360 for a reasonable price.

Two things attracted me to review the website: the fact that it claimed I could fix my Xbox 360 in less than two hours, and the fact that I didn’t need to buy any special tools to do the work. I figured it was worth a try. If I couldn’t fix it with the James Dean’s Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix Pro, I could always bite the bullet and send it off to Microsoft with a good chunk of my savings. To make a long story short, it worked! I actually learned to fix my Xbox 360 and was up and running, playing games in less than two hours. I couldn’t believe it, and had to call all my gamer friends to let them in on the good news.

It’s months later and my Xbox 360 is still running. The instructional videos are great and easy to follow. There are step-by-step procedures that walk you through the repair process. Some of my friends who have had problems similar to mine have also learned how to fix Xbox 360s using the James Dean 3 Red Light Fix Pro. We all recommend it highly if you want to exercise some control over the repair of your Xbox, and the money in your wallet.

So, if you want to know how to fix your Xbox 360 when it acts up displaying the dreaded 3 Red Lights of DeathHealth Fitness Articles, check out the James Dean 3 Red Light Fix Pro. It’s a money saver and time saver. It’s either that or spend time and money having Microsoft do the work. Measure $140 against about $30. Compare 2 hours wait time to 7 weeks wait time. Seems like an easy decision!