how to use iota gold detector / ionic system latest technology

how to use iota gold detector / ionic system latest technology

How to use iota gold detector, treasures detector underground
Discover gold and treasures underground for depths up to 20 meters and long range locator 200 M

With an integrated system to detect treasures from long distances and high techniques

In order to provide the best detection standards with a long-range fixed-system detector, AJAX for detectors technology was produced IOTA device the best and most advanced among long-range ionic detection systems and devices.

Description :
IOTA provides you with multiple functions to start a successful treasure scan, with integrated and clear data around the targets point, which enables you to determine the depth of the detected target with great accuracy.
• The results interface and through interactive indicators enable you to locate the target accurately up to 100%, and to know the size or estimated mass of the target that has been detected, which gives you a clear reference before the drilling process.
• This device is based on the ionic detection system to locate gold and underground buried treasures places up to 20 meters depth, and 200 meters as a long distance, you can use this device inside the car because it has a large capacity and quick response to locate and identify targets’ places with possibility to save results for reference.

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