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128GB of DDR4 Memory!!! Does more RAM = better performance?

128GB of DDR4 Memory!!! Does more RAM = better performance? When Corsair offered to lend us a kit of their 128 GIGABYTE DDR4 memory, it was hard to turn them down… But is 128GB of DDR4 really necessary? Squarespace link: and use offer code LINUS to save 10%! Corsair link: Pricing & discussion:…

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Improve Memory Quickly With Proven Herbal Remedies

”; In medical terminology, memory refers to an organism’s ability to store in brain, information and recall those information later. The processing of information in our brain goes through three primary stages: encoding or registering of information, storage or permanent retaining of information and retrieval or recollection of information at the availability of some cue.…

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Why my PC gets slow after installing or removing antivirus?

Besides having everything perfect, there are chances that your system gets slow down after the installation or after the removal of the antivirus. This happens because the antivirus, which is installed on your computer system, is brought to the memory each time the computer boots. When the antivirus scanner system is brought to the memory,…

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